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Not all wellbeing programmes are equal

How do you create a wellbeing programme you’re proud of, and that actually gets the results you want? It’s no secret that the costs to business of poor mental health have soared – £45 billion per year according to the latest research. But fixing the problem isn’t easy. There is no one-size fits all solution […]

Meaning Over Money: Millennials, Wellbeing And The Workplace

How can employers create workplaces where millennials thrive? Our guest writer, Flora Meadmore, takes a look at the defining characteristics of this generation, cutting through the soundbites to find what really matters. Millennials are now the largest demographic in the workplace, making up one third of workers. Not only has this created a change in […]

Bring Mindfulness to Your Digital Life

In this month’s news, Sarah Thum-Bonnano, business psychologist and mindfulness expert at The Wellbeing Project, explores how the practice of mindfulness can help to reduce some of the harmful effects of digital technology and the ‘always on’ culture. In just 10 years, technology has revolutionised our lives. It has brought huge benefits and transformed how […]

A seasonal message from Sam

Both in the UK and globally, 2019 has seen wellbeing in the workplace continue to be recognised as both a strategic and human priority. And here at The Wellbeing Project we’ve been hard at work building awareness and driving change for our incredible clients and partners. Here are just a few highlights. Creating a world […]

Financial Wellbeing & Employee Engagement

Money is often at the forefront of our minds, influencing our thoughts, moods and everyday decisions, yet we generally prefer to keep quiet about it. Our financial circumstances can be a huge source of personal stress, and are often so closely linked to our identity and sense of status that they can lead to feelings […]

Wellbeing And Remote Working

Earlier this year, we talked about the importance of role-modelling healthy behaviours in facilitating a culture of wellbeing. At both a team and an organisational level, the influence of culture on employee wellbeing should not be underestimated – yet is often overlooked. Placing the onus solely on individuals to take care of their own wellbeing […]

Working With Focus

Most people would probably agree that they would like to be able to work with more focus. After all, when we’re focused, we are able to be more efficient and therefore productive, we are less likely to make mistakes, we can really immerse ourselves in the tasks we enjoy, and time even goes faster for […]

The Cost Of Body Image To Mental And Financial Wellbeing

When employers look to identify the drivers behind staff-related pressures, they naturally focus on workloads, team dynamics and perhaps even harassment.  They appreciate that difficulties at home, such as relationships, bereavements and other problems, will affect how an employee feels at work, but we rarely see them considering body image as a drainer for wellbeing. Yet […]

Psychological Safety and Mental Health

Psychological safety – the shared feeling that it is safe to show one’s true self and to take risks in a group – is considered to be a crucial ingredient of team performance. It was even identified as the most important factor in high performing teams by Google’s ‘Project Aristotle’ research, underpinning all other factors. […]

The Role Of Digital Tech In Boosting Resilience

When we think about technology these days, there is a slight undercurrent of scepticism. With many living in an ‘always on’ culture, we are so often reminded to put our phones down, disconnect from the digital world and interact with the real world more. And whilst this is certainly advice worth following, in practice it […]