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Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide

How to manage change effectively

The success of any change project depends on the capacity of employees to adapt and integrate the change.  Gore Creative Technologies took a proactive approach to making this happen, and invested in building the resilience of their people.


Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide is a uniquely creative company focused on product innovation. It is known as an industry leader of employee engagement and performance, and significant investment is made to ensure employees are equipped for their roles. Teamwork is highly valued and all employees are considered stakeholders in the success of the organisation.


Gore was undergoing a period of significant change at one geographical location. The Wellbeing Project was asked to design and deliver a Resilience Programme to enable employees to manage this change effectively and meet the strategic needs of the business. The delivered solution needed to:

  • Be appropriate for all employees in the organisation regardless of their role or individual situation
  • Acknowledge that the individual impact of change is different for all and allow each participant to reflect on this personally
  • Identify the importance of personal resilience to a healthy, balanced life – not just at this time of significant change
  • Allow for personal reflection and the development of action plans specifically to meet personal objectives


Working in partnership with Gore, we designed and developed a 1-day resilience programme to support the development of each of the 5 Pillars of Resilience. The focus of the programme was to:

  • Enable individuals to understand their own responses to change.
  • Provide practical tools to build personal resilience and navigate change effectively
  • Appreciate different perspectives on change and understand how to best support colleagues
  • Recognise individual strengths and development areas.
  • Build a profile of team resilience
  • Embed the learning with self-directed toolkits
  • Signpost resources and support

Throughout the programme, the lead facilitator stayed in close contact with stakeholders to:

  • Adjust the programme to the evolving needs of the organisation
  • Feedback key themes and recommendations


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