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How to build a supportive culture for mental health

Faced with a national decline in mental health, organisations are looking for proactive ways to support their employees, and to create supportive cultures defined by psychological safety.

The company

A leading industrial technology company with a strong reputation for innovation, our client had partnered with us for a number of years to optimise a healthy, high performing culture. During that time they had proactively responded to emerging themes and needs across the business.

The brief

Recent analysis of the Employee Assistance Programme highlighted anxiety, stress and depression as concerns for their employees. At the same time, internal data suggested that employees were not always comfortable discussing concerns about mental wellbeing with their managers.

The goal was to integrate mental health into their overarching wellbeing strategy. Our client wanted to create an informed and supportive culture which would foster open and positive conversations about mental wellbeing.

The solution

In close collaboration with our client, we developed a tailored programme to empower their managers to take the lead in creating a supportive climate for mental wellbeing.

The aim of this full-day programme was to:

  • Promote a greater understanding of mental health and common mental health challenges
  • Recognise the early signs of poor mental health
  • Promote good mental health for yourself and for others
  • Give practical ways to proactively support mental wellbeing
  • Upskill team leaders to hold effective wellbeing conversations
  • Build confidence to signpost to further support.
  • Establish commitment through each team to support mental wellbeing

The results

We delivered the programme to 4 cohorts of 15 managers at one of our client’s central UK sites. The managers were given the knowledge and confidence to play a central role in supporting mental wellbeing in their team.

To track the impact of the programme, we ran pre and post evaluations to measure changes in confidence and fluency in addressing mental health in their team, and signposting services.

How can we help?

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