Case Study

The Wellbeing Audit



Our client, one of the UK’s largest charities, provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.  With a central hub in London, and a number of regional offices throughout the country, the organisation was keen to build a clear and detailed picture of employee wellbeing and understand how it could continue to support its people to reach and improve the lives of those living with cancer in the UK.


The organisation had been enjoying sustained growth over a number of years, and alongside this success came the challenges of on-going flux and change.  Our client understood that the continued commitment, engagement and motivation of employees would be key to cementing this success, and that supporting employee wellbeing and resilience would be central to that.  Previous organisation-wide surveys had included only the briefest of references to wellbeing, and there was a clear need and opportunity to secure robust data to inform the best way forward.

The client wanted to establish:

  • What does good look like and where are we already achieving that?
  • What areas of the organisation are under pressure and how can we best channel our budget and resources to address this?
  • Where change is already underway, how is this landing?
  • How can we best prepare our people to respond positively to further change in the future?


  • Our team of consultants worked closely with the client to understand their biggest challenges, demands and pressures and identify appropriate questions which would result in reliable, robust data. Taking this collaborative approach allowed us to incorporate questions exploring all six elements of workplace wellbeing, building a tailored Wellbeing Audit which would capture both what the organisation was already doing well in relation to supporting wellbeing, and also where they could improve.
  • Following the Audit, an Executive Summary was prepared, detailing both high-level and local themes and trends. This was supported by a heatmap of segmented results and comparison graphs which allowed the client to identify pockets of pressure where employee wellbeing might be at risk.
  • Our client drew on our expertise and the findings of their Audit to shape and build a robust Wellbeing Plan, joining the dots between existing areas of strength and leveraging these to bolster and improve areas which were in need of further development. Imminent risks to wellbeing were addressed before they escalated and a review of existing resources allowed our client to identify how these could be refreshed and redeployed to offer greater effectiveness and value.
  • A combination of targeted face-to-face training solutions to support wellbeing and resilience were rolled out across the country, including internal train-the-trainer accreditation in selected wellbeing workshops to build and strengthen in-house capability and optimise cost-efficiency.
  • Following the success of Year 1, our client has gone on to commission a second and third year of consulting, facilitation and delivery with us, complementing the previous face-to-face training by drawing on our suite of webinars and podcasts to ensure the learnings around resilience and wellbeing are embedded into everyday behaviours.

Stakeholder Feedback: 

“In order to achieve our aim to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and inspire millions of others to do the same we need to make sure that we’re looking after our employees’ health and wellbeing. Senior Management were keen to find out how we could best support our staff to do this and we engaged The Wellbeing Project to help us to audit how staff felt about wellbeing in the workplace…

As a result we now have a range of initiatives available to staff including bite-size, half-day and full-day workshops to suit staff, irrespective of their location or work pattern. We are now discussing alternative ways of delivering workshops such as podcasts and webinars to reach as much of our workforce as possible.”

Jacqui Bailie
HR Manager, Operation