Jo Thresher

Financial Wellbeing Expert

Jo has been helping people to understand money and financial products for almost 30 years. She is an experienced financial professional and member of the Personal Finance Society. A qualified money coach, Jo has won various industry and employer awards for fun and engaging pension/finance communications and education. She enjoys working with the financial and pensions industry as well as large and small UK employers to help employees gain understanding of all types of financial matters.  Jo previously worked in senior roles at large financial organisations, including AXA Sun Life and was head of financial education at The Jelf Group.

Jo is a published author; her book “What’s Your Excuse For Not Being Better With Money?” is part of the wellbeing What’s Your Excuse? Series. Jo’s expertise in working with employees, benefits, pensions and as an adviser gives her a friendly and knowledgeable perspective from which to provide exceptional support to our clients.

Jo understands the pressures of finances as she has four children and lives in the beautiful west country.  Warm, fun and practical is the approach to her workshops.  Her style is informal and engaging with a strong focus on enabling the client to take the best possible actions to support their financial wellbeing.   Jo runs financial courses on everything from debt and saving money to home-buying, pensions, avoiding fraud and even wills.