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The Coaching Approach

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In a rapidly changing business environment, it isn’t enough just to ‘manage’ your direct reports. High performing managers know how to coach. ​

Workshop overview

A manager with a coaching approach knows how to empower their team and works to create a culture of innovation and growth.

In this practical group workshop, your managers will learn essential coaching skills. With this enhanced knowledge, they will be equipped to unlock the potential of their team.

Workshop outcomes

  • Understand the fundamental principles of effective coaching
  • Apply active listening skills to better understand the needs and concerns of team members
  • Use powerful questioning techniques that stimulate critical thinking and problem solving
  • ​Apply recognised coaching models
  • Know how to collaboratively set goals and establish accountability for achieving them

Post training support

Everyone who attends ‘The Coaching Approach will access a digital coaching toolkit. The toolkit will include key models and strategies for coaching as well as space for personal action planning and reflection.

Essential information

DURATION: 90 minutes

GROUP SIZE: Up to 16 managers

DELIVERY FORMAT: In-person / Virtual classroom

WHO IS IT FOR?: Our manager training is available in-house exclusively for organisations. It is ideal for new managers, supervisors and more experienced managers.

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Exceeding expectations

The leadership programme has exceeded all our expectations. It fulfilled the brief perfectly meeting all of our key objectives.

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To speak to one of our specialist team about manager training for your organisation, get in touch.

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